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ballerini's Journal

12 August
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212 by azealia banks, a little princess, adorable sunday, advice columnists, advice columns, aging supermodels, agnes cecilia, alcohol as a buffer, all about eve, all that math, andrea mcardle as annie, anne frank, arthur h, auditioning for things successfully, avoiding donuts, avoiding doughnuts, bad art, bagels with cream cheese, ballet, becoming a casting director, becoming a collage artist, being tossed a bone, blocks of cosmetic wedges, books, boots with chunky heels, brownies to teach fractions, brushes with the law, buffalo exchange and crossroads, christian bale in newsies, chungking express, cinnabon's iced coffee, clubbing, confetti clean-up techniques, confetti's anxiety-inducing qualities, creating events on facebook, creative writing, dancing, determinism, dinner with cupid, doughnuts vs donuts, drinks with enemies, drinks with friends, dying peacefully in bed, eavesdropping, elite gymnastics, family trees, fancy parties, fast casual restaurants, filling up emotional holes, finding bras that fit, flattering photographs, flight of the conchords, flying in dreams, french, fried dough, gelt hunts, gingham, good stage presence, good time emporium, grotesque by natsuo kirino, hackers, harriet the spy, high and low, intersectional feminism, it takes two, jazz squares, junot diaz, karaoke, kinna gieth, kitchen by banana yoshimoto, leaving without saying goodbye, les enfants du paradis, libraries, lifetime movies, lingering on toilet seats, lloyd center's food court, loretta lynn, loretta mason potts, louise fitzhugh, lucile hadzihalilovic, lucy by jamaica kincaid, mac n cheese, malcolm mclaren's madame butterfly, maria finitzo, mary gaitskill, mary-kate's feelings about ashley, metropolis, michael jackson, my neighbor totoro, names, naming other people's babies, now and then, on the road, outer space, paparazzi pictures, parade magazine, people's high school experiences, philip glass' candyman soundtrack, pink floyd laser shows, planetariums, public personas, quilted purses, reading interviews, reading my old diaries, receiving gifts, relationships as security blankets, renata from russian dolls, rid of me, road trips, roald dahl, rufus wainwright, sbarro vs villa pizza, search engines in movies, seinfeld, sherman alexie, shiny packaging, shirley jackson, sister souljah, social construction of gender, storybook weaver, strangers with candy movie, suzuki beane, sweet valley high #7, tearjerkers, the bad seed, the beauty myth, the cabaret obc recording, the coldest winter ever, the delimar vera story, the documentary country boys, the edible woman, the grecian yearning, the hills, the janie johnson series, the jimmy carter smoothie, the lindsay lohan documentary, the parent trap, the pencil test, the phrase treatment options, the tenant, the ukrainian egg mystery, thrillers starring harrison ford, toddler speech impediments, toddlers, top 40, tossing an occasional bone, twins by marcy dermansky, watching celebrities' audtion tapes, wedding receptions, yargo